Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday!

Saturday evening, we celebrated Aunt Michelle and DB
turning 30 with a special surprise dinner!
They wanted something low key with just family, but Dianna and I wanted to make it a special dinner, so we decided to throwback to their childhoods. 
There was a "his" side featuring DB's love of Lego's...
and a "her" side featuring Michelle's love of dance...
Dianna even made a collage of dance pictures of Michelle that was so much fun to look at! 
The boys snuck in a little lego play after dinner before the singing began.
Let's just say, there was lots of singing and blowing out candles...
Not only did the birthday guy and gal have the honors, but all the kids did too :)!
Nana put candles in every one's cookies and the kids were in heaven blowing out candles for their unbirthdays!
 The Clayton Crew was so glad we could help you say goodbye to your 20's...
and hello to the fabulous 30's...happy birthday! 

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