Monday, March 2, 2015

Daddy Daughter Masked Ball...

There was one excited little lady Friday evening who went on her very first date to the Daddy Daughter Masked Ball!
Daddy and Zoe were a dashing duo all dressed up and dapper in their sparkling silver!
 Westover threw the masked ball at a plantation home and just lavished the princesses!
 There was an elaborate "kid friendly" buffet, masks, dancing, limo rides, sparkling cider...
 Little lady loaded up on fruit and danced the night away in Daniel's arms...or shall I say twirled the night away :). One of their favorite moments was the photo booth...
 I think these two were made for each other...I mean seriously...she matches every single goofy face dad threw at her...hahaha!
Oh how I adore the budding love between these two! Zoe has him completely wrapped around her finger...quite possibly a few times ;). So blessed that God provided Zoe with an incredible earthly father who loves her unconditionally, who embodies a Christ-like male role model, and who will just about melt and give her anything she wants thanks to that thousand watt smile and big brown eyes!

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