Saturday, January 17, 2015

All Disabilities Park...

Before Christmas, Nana & Pops dropped in one weekend to hear Daniel preach and get their grandkid fix :). Since we had a free day with nothing on the agenda, the kids and I decided we need to break them in by treating them to Round Rock Donuts...yummm! Since we were over that way, we decided to explore an All Disabilities Park I had been hearing rave reviews about. And let's just say, it didn't disappoint!
 The park was large with a variety of playscapes for every little monkey...from spinning, to swinging, to climbing, to rocking, to playing with a variety of textures and was just awesome! There was even a swing for wheelchairs...
 In addition to the park, their is a miniature city built that is connecting. We didn't know until we got there, but several kids brought their scooters and bikes to ride around. No worries, plans are in the works to go back for sure!
 As you can see, the park was definitely accommodating for kids in wheelchairs or walkers/gait trainers. While Max may not be able to run and climb, we were still able to push him along all the ramps...and yes, he loved it!
 Even us big kids had a blast :)!
 As you can see, there was even a wall of various textures to explore for our littles with sensory processing disabilities...
 I would say this park is definitely a keeper and one we will be making the trip to go back to...we all LOVED it! I will confess, my only frustration is that we only saw one or two other families with kids who had disabilities, so when the park got full...the kids and even parents weren't very accommodating to Max who was in a wheelchair. I do so appreciate though a community who recognizes the special needs of some of our kiddos and provides them a place to explore outdoors just like their peers :)!

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