Saturday, August 4, 2012

Love Bug is 18 Months Old..

can you believe it? Some days it feels like we've been on this journey with Max for years, while other days I forget he is around 18 months old because he seems like a perpetual baby. Mr. Max is around 17-18 pounds, in 9 month clothing, and is developmentally around a 5-6 month old still. Although he is moving through the 5-6 month stage slowly, we have had several reasons for rejoicing at our house the last month. First off, do you notice anything different?
We started the weaning off oxygen process!!! Max is currently going about 8-9 hours a day without o2 and I am seriously loving it...I'm talking no more cords to trip over! Max loves not having anything on his face and I have to confess that I do too because I can't stop kissing those adorable cheeks! For 18 months, Max has either been on a ventilator, c-pap, or had a nasal canula and our family is rejoicing in truly seeing our little cutie for the first time. 
 Another reason for rejoicing is that Max started army crawling last week. He is only going minor distances...probably equivalent to one or two of our steps...but he is moving beyond just rolling! He hasn't really figured out what his legs are for so they just dangle behind, but he is working really hard to use his strong side (left) to get him to toys that he is interested in. Maxers loves playing with people now...especially big brother!
I can't even begin to describe how amazing it has been to start to bond with Max now that he wants interaction with us. There have been times while playing on the floor where he will fuss just so someone will come touch him and talk to him...which may sound strange to you, but in our world with Max he likes to be left alone most of the time with small increments of social time...not any's fantastic! He still needs his quiet, alone time but not nearly as long as before. I can't say enough how proud Daniel and I are of Max for the daily fight that he perseveres to grow bigger and stronger. If you ever stop by, who knows what you might find Max doing...he has also been known to chew on coffee table legs, beat on a drum, play peek-a-boo with Kason...really anything he can army crawl, wiggle, or roll his way to!

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