Saturday, June 16, 2012

Boys and Their Toys...

Our visual therapist brought over a new toy for Mr. Max that we are super excited about. It's official name is "little room" and it was created for children who are blind, have visual impairments, and/or multiple disabilities. I like to refer to it as Max's party in a box!
The box blocks outside noises and visual distractions from the background which supports children with impairments to be able to explore their environment more easily. Our therapist hung several items with various textures and sounds around the box. The sounds are more heightened when playing in the "little room" so Max will eventually learn that the noise he is hearing is in direct correlation to his is his version of cause and effect!
Once Max gets more comfortable in this environment, I will begin to add more objects to the box for him to explore. Since this little guy LOVES textures, I'm excited to see how he engages in active learning through his party in the box!
It seems that every few weeks Max is getting some new toy for therapy and we are constantly informing Kason that it is Max's special toy and we can't play with it. Thankfully Kason has been a trooper through all this and hasn't even complained...but Daniel and I know it has to be hard on him and confusing since he has to share his toys with every kid who comes over. Therefore, Daniel came up with a great idea...we decided to let Kason pick out a special toy just for him. This toy can only be used by him unless he grants permission to everyone else. So, what did Kason choose?
 A really cool digger! Kason was super excited about his new treat and has already moved it to several places in the yard to do a little work!
Daniel and I could not be more grateful for Kason's compassionate heart towards Max. We feel so blessed to have a little man who loves Max with his whole heart even though he struggles with occasional jealousy since Max's care is pretty intense and he has to be patient with mine and Daniel's time. Our God is molding Kason into a strong warrior for His service already...I can't wait to see the man he will become!

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