Friday, April 13, 2012

One of Those Weeks...

where life has been a pure delight! There weren't any special events or celebrations this week with the Clayton just happened to be one of those weeks where we cherished everyday because the kids have been fantastic! All of us have basically spent the entire week playing...hard core style!!!
 We couldn't ask for better weather here in Lubbock, so Kason has spent almost every waking hour in our backyard. He is finally at that stage where he is comfortable playing outside by himself and I can check on him, or he comes inside to check on us. It has been a lifesaver since Maxers stays indoors, but Kason thrives when he encounters the glorious sun and feels the soft green grass squish under his toes. 
 When these little rascals have been indoors this week, it has been all about the tents and tunnels! They have climbed every which way...even over and under each other...along with seeing how far cars and balls can go in through the tunnel at a high velocity!
As for Mr. Kason, he is growing up to be quite a gentleman and has been extra sweet for us this week! I have worked on manners with him for awhile now and he is starting to show them off...and I must admit, I'm lovin' it! He tells us thank you quite often (today it was for doing his laundry), he opens doors for us (especially when guests who come over), when we are working on something he will say "perfect" or "good job", he will say he is sorry when he does something wrong that he is aware of before we even have a chance to talk to him about it....this list could go on, but I'm not sure how much you want to hear me brag about our little man we sure are biased about! Don't worry, we definitely have plenty of days and weeks where we have to take "time outs" from each other...but I don't seem to want this week to end because there seems to be a much needed lull in our head butting matches!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That middle picture is my new fave of those to blondies!! I love how much fun Addy gets to have with you guys!!!