Monday, March 19, 2012

Hope Rising...

I am having a difficult time writing this post because I can't stop beaming from how proud I am of our Mr. Max...I'm struggling with coherent thoughts beyond emotional happiness! He has just began to soar beyond mine and Daniel's expectations this last month. God has yet again instilled hope in our hearts as we see the growth development in Maxers.
Max is nearly 14 months old (adjusted he's 11 months old) and is developmentally between a 5-6 month old. He has been rolling to his right side for several months, but is just now figuring out how to roll the other way...I'm confident by next week he will have it down. When he sits in his bumbo chair he is needing less assistance of rolled up burp clothes to help support him to sit up. Max still currently eats and sleeps for 12-13 hours every night. I am increasing his baby food to twice a day this week to where he will be eating 2 tablespoons a day...this may not seem like a lot to you, but this calls for major celebration at our house! We saw the nutritionist this morning and drum roll please...Maxers is weighing 15 pounds 5 ounces!!!! He finally made the growth chart for the first time...he barely made it on the chart (under 5%), but he made it!
One of the best parts of Max thriving is that he is starting to be so much fun to interact with. He is pretty laid back and content for most of the day...and he has started to really let his giggles go if you tickle him. He has to be in a good mood for him to smile and laugh rather than cry when you try to coax a giggle, but when he can't help but laugh right along with him. Doc, my dad, found a special way to tickle him that is almost fool proof and will guarantee you with a smile. While I've been practicing this tickle maneuver on him, he begins to anticipate what is coming and will sometimes giggle before I tickle him!!! (Yes friends, I'm still beaming right now as I type!) The other favorite of mine is that Maxers has been babbling up a storm lately. I find myself folding laundry and just snickering at him while he tells me all about it. He has even began to say "dadadada", but I still maintain the argument that he is just practicing his consonant sounds. :) While Daniel might counter that point, I'm still holding out hope that when he intentionally begins to say words that "mama" will be the first out of his mouth. I know that is a lot of hope, but hey...look how far he has already come!


  1. So happy right now!!!! I love hearing how great Max is doing. I was just praying for this little guy last night. God is good.

  2. You are so amazing, Natalie. Of course he will be, too! You are such a precious family! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

  3. So great to see that sweet smiling face! Wish I could hear his giggles, thinking of your family all the time.