Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To My Husband...

my best love. Today we celebrated our 9th anniversary by bringing our youngest son to the hospital...which has been our second home (sometimes 1st home) throughout this last year of our marriage. We have faced more struggles through these last three years than some couples face in their I would definitely say we are living up to our family motto, "Enjoy each day of our life as an adventure!" We both joke that our family takes the "scenic route" and I must admit that there isn't another man that I would choose to be by my side through this journey. As with every marriage relationship we have known our bad days but what I love about you is that you always bring the laughter through the heartache. I can't even count the times when you will crack a joke or do something silly while we are in an intense debate (where I am determined to win my side might I add), but then end up smiling from ear to ear with tears realizing how ridiculous our fight was to begin with. You are a man of love, compassion, and integrity. I knew I was choosing well when I met you, but had no clue the full potential of my choice until I have leisurely strolled the scenic route of life with you hand in hand. I can't imagine what the uncertainty and pain you have lived through not always knowing the fate of your wife and both sons on several occasions throughout these past three years...but yet, here you are encouraging, loving, and bringing laughter to not only our home daily, but to the lives of others. Most people feel honored to have the opportunity to be friends with an amazing man like you, but I...I have the immense pleasure of being married to you. I can't thank you enough for revealing God's love to me through your life. I can't thank you enough for showing me what it means to be a real friend. I can't thank you enough for being the best dad a wife could have ever dreamed of to parent children with. It makes my heart smile to see you in our sons and to know that I would be so incredibly proud if they grew up to resemble who you are. You simply amaze me with the way you can't wait to play with Kason immediately when you get home from work...or the patience you have with him when you are really ready to pull your hair out...or the love I see in your eyes when he can't wait to help you "fix" something around the house...or the way you are already teaching him how to take care of a lady by trimming roses from our backyard and filling a vase for our kitchen. I seem to think most days that you are a modern day superhero in husband form! Most people say they hope for another 9 years of happiness and memories...but for me, I know that we didn't just survive these past 9 years, but we lived each day to its fullest with as much fun and laughter as possible. So here is to not just hoping, but confidently knowing that with you as my partner in life and service to God, bring on our forever because we can find the joy through all adventures of life!

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  1. Aww, Natalie! You are an amazing writer...this was beautiful! Congrats to you and Daniel on 9 are both phenomenal people and I'm so glad you have each other! :-)