Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cheers for Mr. Max...

So happy to report that Max finally sat through an entire ABR testing to check his only took us four tries over the last four months, but hey...we finally made it through! Good news is that his hearing loss isn't as significant as we originally thought. He only has mild to moderate loss in his right ear.
The audiologist said we would test again in about 6 months to see his progression. If the results are similar, then they will recommend a hearing aid with low amplification so that Max doesn't lose any ground in regards to speech. Until then, the Clayton Crew is going to keep working and playing with this little love bug to help him grow!
Ever since Max has come home from the NICU he has hated his bumbo chair...I'm guessing he has some weird negative vibes and association with that thing! Since he loves to sit up and look around, my sneaky little momma self got smart. I move his high chair onto our coffee table so he can be part of the action with the big kids and practice working out his tummy muscles so he can learn to sit up...and he loves it!

*On a side note, Kason got his first bloody nose and busted lip yesterday during PE at preschool! Unfortunately we don't have a cool story to share, just that he bulldozed the floor with his face...
Daniel and I are pretty sure we have many more to come in our near future with this rough and tumble little man! Watch out Christmas comes a fat lip!

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