Sunday, September 11, 2011

I know...I know...

It just takes time, but as a mom of a preemie like Max and even Kason, you are really uncertain of what the future will look like for them. Due to Max's history, even though you know he isn't developmentally equivalent to his age, it is still hard to see other babies who were born around the same time doing so many things your little one isn't. Therefore when he finally meets a developmental milestone, it is a huge celebration!!! I am so proud to say that Mr. Max...
finally figured out he has something called hands and these weird long skinny things move them around! He has been hilarious to watch this week as he tries to move this hand in front of his face with a perplexed look. During his breathing treatments the last two days he has even been trying to reach his hands towards the nebulizer. The last two weeks have been refreshing to see the way Maxers (as Kason and I call him occasionally) is starting to grow out of the newborn stage. He even started rolling from his back to his side! It seems as though we now have a 3 month old on our!

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  1. I think it's awesome!! That is exactly what Karsyn was doing at 3 months!