Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Circles, Squares...

and triangles...oh my! These guys are too much fun to play with everyday! Don't worry, we have our moments of craziness and time outs...but overall they are great kids. Last week we studied one of Kason's favorite things...shapes!
I created a hopscotch in the hallway out of shapes. Kason and Addy had fun bouncing around from shape to shape. As you can tell, Kason learned how to cheat and brace against the wall for least he is learning how to problem solve! Kason cracks me up because for some random reason this guy loves hexagons! We also made peanut butter play dough that is edible...
I gave the kids mini cookie cutters to cut shapes out with. If you look closely, we had to have a ball of yummy to eat in one hand while Kason cut out shapes with his other hand! We also had a fun time playing with the shape sorters and picking out shapes in everyday objects. I am still amazed by how smart two year olds are!

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