Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Cyclocross Season...

Guys, we are right in the middle of Cyclocross season and just having the best time! We are spending our Saturdays hanging outside, enjoying a picnic lunch, and cheering on our two favorite guys! I have been beaming watching Kason this year. He isn't crazy competitive or aggressive {something that is very hard for this competitive momma!}...but, Kason has remained consistent. He is working hard on his skills, starting to learn how to pick riders off and pass them, how to keep pushing even when he is tired. Each week, he keeps getting stronger. Today he placed 6 out of 14 boys for U10! I'm predicting that next year he can work toward making the podium since he is racing against guys a couple years older than him. I think my favorite part of each race morning is that Kason tells me, "Mom...I really think I'm going to win today." I love that he is setting goals and we are getting to share with him about working hard and doing our best.
I finally brought my good camera to a few races, so here is a picture dump of his awesomeness :)!
 I absolutely LOVE this picture above of Daniel cheering on his favorite hot shot racer!
Kason was especially excited for today's race because his Mimi and Doc made a day trip to cheer him on!
Another favorite for me this year is Kason is starting to make friends with the other racers. This might not seem like much, but it is HUGE for him! This little guy Eli wins most of their races and then hangs out with Kason playing while their dad's race each other. 
 Max really enjoys being outside, so he has fun either hanging in his stroller or sprawled out on our blanket playing up storm...
 While little lady always finds the playground at each park...
and runs after all the cyclists, haha! I keep trying to talk her into racing, but she tells me, "Nah...that's ok. I think I'll just run!"
Another fella I need to brag on is the hubs. This guy has lost like 40 pounds and is tearing it up on the course this year! He is riding stronger than the past two years and passing up guys right and left on the course. I'm also so thankful that he doesn't mind his psycho wife running around the course yelling at him, ha!
If you need this Clayton Crew for the next few Saturdays, you know where to find us!

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