Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kason's End of the Year Pool Party!

As room mom for Kason's class at Brentwood, I was in charge of planning their class end of the year party. Mrs. Burcham's usual party is a pool party and us parents just couldn't resist fun in the sun all day! 
Therefore, the kids loaded up and met us at our neighborhood pool...
 for a little splash splashing fun as we celebrated school's (almost) out for summer!
 The day was relaxing for us parents as we visited and monitored our little munchkins swimming their hearts out and giggling up a storm with each other! They all worked unbelievably hard this year in class, so it was fun to see them let loose and enjoy a break together.
 The only reason for a break was to fill up on snacks, pizza, Popsicles, juice boxes...
and a water balloon fight!
 After more swimming, we finally wrapped up the party by busting a piƱata together!
 Since no one was able to knock it down, we had a dad do the honors and then did a candy dump for all the kids to scramble to pick up the yummy goodness that fell out!
Oh how Kason and I love all his sweet friends from class...
This year has been so much fun with this crew. Mrs. Burcham has done an incredible job modeling these kids into more mature almost 2nd graders...eeek!

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  1. Kason's end of year pool party looks awesome. Thanks a ton for sharing these pictures here. We have been making plans for a pool party next weekend. Looking for some good Chicago venues for the party within our budget.