Thursday, August 21, 2014

This is really happening...

oh my! Our boys are headed to school for the first time next week! The entire Clayton Casa is super excited for our little man, Big K, to start Kindergarten. He has been asking to go since last summer, so I think he might just be ready :). Last Thursday night was kindergarten orientation where we toured his school, Giddens Elementary, and he participated in a show-n-go. 
He went to different stations to "show off" his skills in knowing his alphabet, numbers, rhyming, and artistic skills. Let's just say that the alphabet was a little rough, but he did great counting, and totally rocked the art portion (where he was to draw a self portrait)!
We do a lot of artwork around our house, so he definitely isn't lacking in the creativity category.
 Kason is a numbers guy, so practicing the alphabet isn't his strong suit. At least this guy loves school, so I am confident that his teacher is going to be able motivate him...especially since he keeps telling me he is ready to read and write (just not from his mom...ha)! His teacher whom he met tonight at open house is Mrs. Chapman...
 Kason was super pumped to check out the room, but a little shy in meeting her. I have a feeling it won't take him too long to open up once he gets comfortable around her. As for our sweet Mr. Max, well he will also be starting school. Of course he doesn't quite understand what all is going on, but I am confident that he is going to absolutely love school!
 {Side note: this is not his normal car seat, we let him take a quick ride back to our house in his big brother's seat.} We've noticed more recently that Max is starting to crave more attention and realizing when he is being left out (like if he hears us talking in the hall while he's in bed still) I just know having the opportunity to participate in activities with other kids his age is going to be way too much for him. Plus, a little birdie told me there is a lot of music and songs during their pre-k day which is one of our little warriors I think he's in good hands :)! Max will be going to his ELE class (a mix of special needs and regular ed 3 & 4 year olds) every M-W-F for around 3-4 hours.
 I've talked to his teacher, Mrs. Dixon, and I don't quite think he is ready for that much stimulation everyday on top of church activities. We are going to start him off slow since he has been homebound for the last three years, and gradually increase his time to where he will be going M-F for half day by next year. As for little lady, well she will be home with me all day, every day. Daniel and I have chosen for her not to attend a pre-school this year, so I think we will have quite the time together.
Unfortunately I don't think this little firecracker has a clue that her two favorite brothers are about to be away from us a lot...and boy is she going to miss them! I must confess that I'm going to miss them like crazy too...
It's been just us three at home for two years, I'm not going to know what to do with only taking care of one :). I love how my three musketeers adore each other and want to just play, play, play all day as friends...but I am excited for this new chapter in our lives. I'm excited to see the way school challenges and grows our boys...I'm excited for the fun activities and learning strategies they will gain from a different environment...I'm excited to see the friendships they will develop along the way...I'm excited to see them continue to mature into strong, courageous young men...and I'm super excited to see the way God uses them to serve His kingdom on their campuses. Of course through this excitement, my heart strings are still being tugged on knowing that my little men are growing up. So you better watch out Giddens Elementary...I hope you are ready for the traveling circus of the Crazy Clayton Crew...because here we come!!!

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