Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Week School Days = Success!

We made it friends...the Clayton Crew survived the first week of school! More importantly, our little man seems all grown up as he didn't just survive, but thrived his first week of kindergarten...
Kason absolutely LOVES school and was actually sad he couldn't go over the weekend :). I'm sure his enthusiasm may fizzle down a little the longer the school year goes, but I never imagined his first week would go so smoothly. Our shy, anxiety ridden little guy didn't bat an eye when we dropped him off everyday. In fact, he was up practically bouncing around every morning itching for us to take him.
My favorite part of the day is when I pick him up and we head home for a snack. The kids and I sit around the table while Kason shares with me all about his day. I love that he has already made friends and is asking when we can hang out with them outside of school! I think the hardest part of the day for me is after Daniel and Kason leave....little lady goes crazy.
Zoe has been an emotional wreck ALL WEEK and is really struggling with both her daddy and bubba being gone all day. Unfortunately, it might take a little longer for her to adjust since Mr. Max heads to school this next week, but I think she'll quickly figure out the extra perk of how much fun it will be to have all the attention. As for Maxers, well he is loving having the extra attention already and is great as long as he gets to roam around with free reign of the toys!
In honor of Kason's first week of school and to celebrate how fabulous he did, we invited his best friend Aidan over for a slumber party. 
 What a treat...these boys made pizza (our slumber party tradition), played baseball, road around the neighborhood, swam, watched a movie...well, at least Kason started one with Aidan but crashed right away. When Kason was asked at school on Friday how the first week of school made him feel, he wrote "tired" :)! He loved every minute, but is definitely wiped out. So thankful for Kason's fantastic teacher and the staff at Giddens for welcoming our little kindergartner with open arms and smiling have definitely put this family at ease knowing he's in great hands!

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  1. Yay!! Loved reading this! So glad he is loving it! Miss Zoe is breaking my heart! What a lucky little lady! :) I hope that you all get some extra rest this weekend before another fun crazy week! ;)