Monday, October 21, 2013

Saying Goodbye...

It is always difficult to hear of someone passing, but the weight of grief is much more when they are close family. This past weekend, the kids and I had to load up and head to Conroe quickly as my dad's mom, "Granny", took a turn for the worst after a routine surgery. Her body had a difficult time with recovery and eventually never recovered. I was extremely thankful the doctor was able to hold off from removing the ventilator so I could go in and say goodbye. As I held her hand, Shaye and I reminisced by sharing stories of special memories with Granny like our week long visits every summer. Of course we couldn't help but smile at the thought of how much she loved her great-grandchildren. I will never forget my dad sending Granny to the rescue when Kason was a few months old and had his first ear infection. Daniel and I hadn't slept a wink in days, then all of a sudden an angel showed up at our door to love on our little man so we could rest.
I also remember how excited she was to have the privilege of holding Max in the NICU when visitors were extremely limited. 
I definitely can't help but chuckle any time I think of her holding Zoe. She always told me Zoe reminded her of her daughter Pam as a baby, so she just oohed and aahed over her :). Plus, anytime I couldn't find Zoe, I always knew Granny had snuck her away somewhere...
 Shaye and I grew up with Granny being about 9 hours away, so we only saw her a few times a year...especially as we grew older and left home, that number dwindled. A couple of years ago, my parents moved her in with them in Conroe and it was such a treat for us and the great-grands because we had the privilege of seeing her quite often! Shaye and I both smile at the memories of how much joy Granny had these last couple of years getting to know our children, helping change diapers, feeding bottles, and babysitting on occasion.
The day after Granny passed, we were all joking about Granny's sweet tooth loot that she kept hidden away in her room. I will never forget a mischievous little Kason sneaking down the hall every time we visited to see what Granny had stashed away that he could possibly talk her into sharing with him. 
 Granny was also the family seamstress which totally fascinated Kason. He loved hanging out in her room while she told him about all the different machines and tools she used.
 It definitely makes me sad to know my little lady won't be sporting any more adorable outfits sewn with love by Granny, but I have been blessed with having all of her sewing machines passed down to me. My dream is to take off where she left off and become the family seamstress. Although, this might take a bazillion youtube tutorials to teach me how to sew beyond the straight lines Granny had already taught me, I hope to eventually become an amateur (at best) and eventually pass on Granny's mad sewing skills to her great-grandchildren. We will always remember with love our Oscar de la Renta smelling Granny who had a lead foot, enjoyed sharing her gift of sewing, couldn't drink enough Pepsi, and was seriously addicted to anything chocolate!

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  1. Oh my goodness - I loved this blog! You were able to find some really good pictures of her with your kids. And your last sentence made me chuckle :) I hope both of my girls are blessed by your newly found sewing hobby!