Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine...

brings her sassy ray of light on a daily basis! She is growing and developing so rapidly that I'm having fun seeing her blossom. And so it begins, little lady has begun to tap into her inner diva...
After years of playing cars, shooting hoops, growling, learning about tractors and tools...all little boy stuff...I'm having fun beginning the process of tutus, pearls, glitter, and little girl frills! I never thought in my life I would be so excited about glamorous princess play or tea parties, but I have to confess that when it comes to little lady...I'm up for anything...she has completely captivated me! 
Zoe is between 6-7 months old. She has been sitting up on her own for over a month now and can get into crawling position from here. She has been rocking on her knees and crawling backwards for a few weeks, so I'm sure it will be any day until she is completely mobile crawling full throttle! She has even begun to start trying to pull up...she can pull up on her knees, but hasn't quite made it to standing yet...of course that isn't without trying. Sister is definitely a go getter and she is just too social to not be running around the with big kids...or so she thinks :).
Little lady can hold her bottle for most of the feeding (it is a bit heavy at first, but does well about half way through). She cracks me up because she has to stop drinking every now and then to talk to us...yep, all girl right here already trying to get in her word quota! Zoe is eating baby food 3 times a day and drinking 4 bottles. She loves just about everything, especially fruits and green veggies. Zoe sleeps around 11-12 hours at night and naps at least twice a day, occasionally three if she had a rough night due to teething. I can't see any teeth popping through the gums yet, but she drools constantly and one little area is swollen. She is a very easy going baby who really only cries if she isn't getting the attention she "thinks" she needs or if we lay her down for sleep time before she is finished socializing...so when she does really fuss, we can attribute it to teething for now.
Sister babbles momma and dadda, but dadda came first...just like her brothers! I told her I was very disappointed because I just knew she was going to be on my side...but on no, dad now has a perfect record. Although, she did start fussing the other day and said "mamamamama" as I walked past her to check on Max before I came back for her. I'm thinking she is making associations and it won't be long until she officially says her first words with intention! I keep telling Daniel that I wish I could slow her down, not because I'm sad for her to grow up too fast...because I'm just not sure how I am going to keep up with two walkers and two crawlers everyday...our house might be even more chaotic...oh to think of such craziness! Miss Zoe makes our life abundantly richer and I can hardly wait to sneak in her room every morning just to see her captivating smile light up the room!

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  1. What an awesome life you have and what precious children and the love of your life! God is so good and has really blest your family!!