Saturday, January 19, 2013

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

When daddy comes home, when we cuddle on the couch, when we go on our family drives...I simply remember our favorite things and then I...just play some more! I adore watching my kids develop "favorites" as they grow. They are still at a young age where their favorite pastimes seem to change often, so I always look forward to what is coming next. As for little lady, well she loves to hang out with me while I fold laundry.
Why, do you ask? Could it be because she is near me...or because she has a super fun toy to chew and spin...or maybe the conversation is too good to pass up with momma? Oh-no, it is simply because she loves to steal the warm, fuzzy clothes right out of the dryer!
That is right...she thinks it is way too funny to snag those undies and cuddle up!
 As for Kason, well he absolutely loves to play, play, play...and then play some more. More than anything though, he loves to play with Max or Zoe or me...but his most favorite is to steal away daddy for some fun!
 Kason can't seem to get enough daddy time and it melts my heart. They have an incredible bond and I love to see Kason tries to emulate his favorite person...
I will especially love the day when these two can race together and Kason can whoop up on the old man!
As for Max, well his favorite thing right now is to steal period...basically whatever he can get his hands on. We will affectionately be renaming him "little stinker". He has been known to steal Kason's cars and tools, but most recently he's been caught red handed...
 stealing Zoe's goodies! His top two favorites are her cupcake and pacifier...
 I am thinking he isn't ashamed one bit...
I mean just look at that mischievous face! As for Daniel and I...well, these three loves are at the tip, top of our favorites list for sure. They are the best adventure we have ever been on!


  1. Such a sweet post!! I love Miss Zoe's bow!! :) and Max's face in the last photo is absolutely priceless!! I love your cute kiddos!

  2. Love all 3 of your kiddos & can't wait to see them in a few days :) You too, of course!