Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Max's Surprise Surgery...

Our sweet Mr. Max sure likes to keep Daniel and I on our toes...and not in a good way! I'm fairly confident that I will either have a heartache by 35 or be completely gray headed :). While Max has been growing healthier and slowly developing more, he is still having several medical problems. Two of his main concerns are his pulmonology (lungs) and his GI (feeding issues). On Friday I took him to Texas Children's Hospital to see two specialists regarding these areas for a second opinion. The pulmonologist was a go-getter (which I seriously loved) and ordered several tests...she was not a happy camper to see the situation he was in (lung wise) for his age even considering he was a micro-preemie.

We came to Houston for answers and boy did we get one! During Max's CT scan on his chest on Tuesday the doctor found a large mass. We immediately spoke with a pediatric surgeon to find out that Max has a bronchogenic cyst behind his right lung which at that time they thought was around the size of a tennis ball.

Max had surgery this afternoon to remove the mass and after 4 nerve racking hours, we found out that he did AMAZING!!! The surgeon performed a laparoscopic surgery where he used cameras to take the cyst out rather than cutting him open because it was a safer procedure for Max (even though it was much harder for the surgeon). When we spoke with the surgeon afterward, Daniel and I couldn't help but laugh because he kept saying that Max was making him "work hard and that the little guy was such a complex case to keep them on their toes"...yep, that about sums up our love bug...he doesn't do anything easy! The surgeon said Max's cyst was actually the size of a grapefruit...that is right friends, you heard correctly...a GRAPEFRUIT! It was embedded in the lower portion of his right lung, attached and adding pressure to his esophagus, along with being attached to his pulmonary artery in his heart.

Every doctor and nurse was astounded that Max did so well through surgery and came off the ventilator so well. During part of the surgery, the surgeon had to remove a small portion of his right lung and Max was only being ventilated through his left lung...unbelievably, his saturation levels never dropped and he remained stable. That my friends is not a medical miracle...on, no...that is God working in the life of our son. For some reason God has chosen to keep him alive and through every curve ball we have continued to be thrown, He is ever present...ever constant. All I can think or say at a time like this when Daniel and I are physically and emotionally exhausted is that...GOD IS GOOD! We still have a long road to recovery with our Max and many more medical and developmental obstacles ahead of us, but with God and Texas Children's on our side...I know we are in good hands!

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