Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Lady Turns 5 Months...

I simply adore how God created parents to fall in love with their kids more and more as each day passes with them. Miss Zoe hasn't just stolen all our hearts...she has run away with them! She truly is a blessing from above for our family.
 Miss Zoe is still our social butterfly! She loves to be held as much as anybody! She smiles and giggles constantly when she is awake. When you smile really big at her, she gets so excited that she starts to bounce her legs and she will nearly jump out of your lap. I love how happy she is and it reassures me that little lady has adjusted well to our family .
 Missy (as I call her for Max since the letter Z will be a long way off for him), is sitting up on her own! She is doing really well for several minutes before she gets tired. Since she is extremely social, she likes to know what everyone else is up to...therefore, she loves to sit up or stand in our exersaucer. Zoe is rolling from her back to her tummy and will occasionally roll from her tummy to back. She can turn herself in a circle while on her tummy and I wouldn't be surprised if she starts to try crawling within the next month. She is already wiggling and kicking her legs trying to figure out how to catch up with her brothers.
Little lady loves...I mean, seriously LOVES to eat! Since she is really petite for her age, we are going to start her on baby food before the 6 month mark to see if we can add a bit more meat to her bones. At dinner she is not only attentive, but seems a wee bit jealous she isn't getting any of our delicious grub. My most favorite right now is when Miss Zoe talks to us. She has recently found out that her voice can make a variation of noises and she is having fun discovering what those higher pitched sounds are. I sort of feel bad for the guys in the house because little missy is taking after me and talks all the time...we both may wear out our welcome in this house when she gets older!


  1. Love the pictures! I can't believe how big she is getting. By the way, I told you those high shrilly sounds would be coming - it's a girl thing! Welcome to my world :)

  2. She is absolutely a doll! I love the pictures!!