Friday, September 14, 2012

Zoe's Adoption Story...

Daniel and I love dancing week to week to the sound of little feet...we love a house full of giggles and silliness...we love a home full of love. Therefore, we began discussing adoption since we have a desire for a larger family, but can no longer biologically have our own. As we started our journey of learning different agencies, legal ramifications, basically anything we could about adoption...we received a call during one of our adoption conversations to ask us if we would be interested in adopting a baby girl. I immediately wanted cry out yes because I felt an instant connection, but Daniel and I had a long discussion ahead of us. We weren't planning on starting the process until Max turns two and we received the phone call in the summer. After realizing the many ways God's hand was at work in our family, Daniel and I were bursting at the seems to say yes to the new little miracle God was delivering our family. A few weeks after that phone call, we went to the hospital to meet our new baby girl...
Within an hour of her birth, we had her in our arms. It was love at first sight! She was simply beautiful and beyond perfect...
Daniel and I were fortunate to stay in the hospital with her and help care for her before we took her home...
The nurses were incredible because they knew our story of adoption along with our story of our sons, so they made it extra special. They allowed me to go into the nursery and help bathe Zoe, feed her, and begin to bond with her.
 The hospital even had a room for us to stay with our sweet girl as we learned her best care.
God's hand has been evident in this joyous addition to our family. There is no other way to recognize the power of our creator when he richly blesses you with another beautiful child to love and care for. We feel so fortunate that Zoe's birth family chose us to raise their daughter and granddaughter. Daniel and I chose to name her Zoe Grace...Zoe means "life" which is a testament that we are proud of her birth mother for choosing life for her and our family...while we are continuously grateful for the grace God bestows upon us daily. We are humbled by this experience and fully realize the responsibility we have before us in raising a Godly woman...and greet the responsibility with great joy!


  1. Ahh!! This made my preggo self cry! I love how unique each of your children's birth stories are! She is precious!

  2. I am so happy for y'all! She is beautiful and I know she is the perfect addition to the Clayton family.

  3. Amazing! She is so blessed to have you and Daniel for her mama and daddy!