Sunday, September 9, 2012


Kason has always shared his brotherly love with Max, but over the last month he has become more interested in helping Max play. Kason has started taking a greater interest in Max by trying to calm him down if he's upset, fixing his clothes or sock if it comes off, plays tickle monster with him, gives him toys while he's playing on the floor or in his crib while he's awake for his tube feedings, but what I love the most is that he is actually getting on his level to play with him more. We have seen tremendous growth in Max recently and I really think Kason has greatly influenced him...I believe moving the boys into a room together has definitely blessed all of our lives, especially their brotherly friendship!
Kason goes in and out of stages with various toys and right now he is really into his cars. Every morning he is vrooming as many modes of transportation out of his room as possible! Max simply adores it when Kason comes to play on the floor near him...before Kason finishes sitting down you will see Max army crawling and inching his way as fast as he can to be next to big brother to explore his toys with him!
 Max's most recent find are these cars...and he LOVES them! Mr. Max tries to snag them from big brother, slobber on them, bang them against the floor (or coffee table sometimes if he sneaks past me) know, his favorite past time activities :).
 A lot of times, he doesn't even have to steal them away because Kason will give him his own car to play alongside him. I will often find Kason trying to teach him how to vroom...vroom! Max hasn't quite gotten the hang of it because he is too busy tasting all of them...
 I can already envision the future where I hear cars mysteriously crashing against the walls in the hallway when Max gets bigger as these two scheme up a few vroom...vroom races...can't wait!

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