Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 Months Old...

Our little love bug is almost one! Time sure does fly when your having fun lovin' on the cutest baby! Let me tell you friends, this little guy is doing AMAZING!!! Daniel and I absolutely hate that he has needed surgeries lately, but they have helped him improve so much...he is almost a completely different baby...I'm lovin' it! I'm sure you are a Curious George just like me and are wondering what a feeding tube looks like in a baby...
not too scary looking! The vertical scar on the left is from the shunt and the horizontal scar under the tubing is from this surgery. We see the surgeon again on January 9th and they will change the tubing to a Mic-Key button...I know you are probably even more curious no worries, I'll fill you in when that time comes. We know the full feedings are working because he is weighing a little over 11 pounds now! Maxers has a difficult time during his day feedings because they go in so fast, but is one happy camper after his all night feedings...
The pump slowly feeds him for 10 hours so we wakes up refreshed with a full tummy ready to play! Mr. Max isn't interested in a bottle at all and won't even suck on it, so we are having a Speech Therapist come work on some feeding therapy with him. I try once a day now and am about to start 2-3 times a day since he is feeling better...I know he will pick back up eventually...persistence is the key with this little guy! What I'm most excited about is how active he has become since the feeding tube surgery. He woke up Tuesday morning feeling tons better and hasn't stopped wanting to play since then!
Maxers is cooing way more than he ever has and is starting to interact with us more now...his focusing has tremendously improved. He is loving be held which is a big change for us (good change might I add) because he has never wanted much physical contact, but now he doesn't want us to let him go! Since he is having to stay in the nap nanny so much he will now watch me walk into his room and follow me around the room which may not seem like much of a development for you, but is a big deal for him!
He is still around a 4 month old, but is slowly creeping towards a 5 month old this past week alone. I have a feeling that he is going to move beyond this stage this next least that what I'm hoping considering he has been around a 4 month old developmentally for 5 months now. He finally started teething recently and loves to chew on anything he can get near his mouth. Nothing soothes Mr. Max better than his thumb is hilarious at night because you can hear him smacking due to sucking on his thumb so hard! Max is still lighting up the Clayton Crew household and we look forward to celebrating a year with him real soon!

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  1. YEA!!! I'm sooooooo excited to hear about all his growth!!!!