Thursday, October 13, 2011

What a Trooper...

This poor little guy has so many doctor appointments and therapy visits that it is a full time job for me just taking care of him! On Tuesday, after dropping the big kids off at pre-school we had a neurosurgeon appointment followed by an ENT visit...which was all during his nap time overflowing into his next feeding time. He finally gave up and passed out on the doctor's table! The neurosurgeon is still trying to find the best route in resolving his brain hemorrhage so we are going back for another consult in 6-8 weeks. The doctor is concerned that he is too thin to do a surgery or even to go in and scope out what is going on. Since he is fairly stable, he wants to wait until he gains a couple more pounds so we can lower his risk of infection. When we go back in a few more weeks, we will hopefully have more answers on what we need to do to help Mr. Max out. He is getting better every day in so many ways, but fluid continuing to build up around his left side of the brain can't be too pleasant for the little guy. Please keep praying for our little fighter!

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