Monday, October 24, 2011

Max's Upcoming Procedure...

The neurosurgeon decided not to wait the original 6-8 weeks and called us back in for another consult this past week. He decided that we need to go ahead and do an endoscope on Mr. Max to help drain the fluid. Therefore, Max will be having surgery on Friday morning. The hope is that the procedure will release pressure in his brain and help resolve the hydrocephalus that has developed on the left side of his brain. If the surgery works for him long term then it may save him from having a shunt put in...which would be fantastic. Unfortunately this means me and the little guy will be hanging out in the hospital all weekend long...
bummer! But, if it helps him feel better in the long run then it is totally worth it. Please say another prayer for our little warrior!

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  1. We'll certainly be praying for you both this week! I'm sure it's hard for you to watch your little guy go through all of this. Thanks for keeping us up-dated with this blog :) Love seeing pictures of both your sweet boys!