Sunday, September 4, 2011

Color Party!

This past week Kason and Addy reviewed their colors. Addy was a pro, but I am still debating if our little man is color blind...or it could just be that he is too busy playing to care about colors! Throughout the week we played with play dough, sorted our snacks (goldfish, fruit salad, m&m' kid food), and even had the special treat of coloring with markers. Of course Kason is wondering...
"Why can't I play with markers everyday? It is not like they are messy or anything!" Then on Friday we celebrated our colors by having a color party!
I decorated the living room with streamers and balloons. When the kids woke up I passed out colorful party beads!
Addy and Kason enjoyed green eggs for breakfast along with colored milk!
All three of us had a balloon fight...
and we ended the day with finger painting a rainbow!
By the end of the week Kason was saying most of his colors...especially brown and black which I am thinking may be his favorites.

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