Monday, July 18, 2011

We Love our NICU Nurses...

While we are super excited about Max coming home this week, we are sad to leave our nurses. To say that these ladies are amazing would be an understatement! Both the day nurses and night nurses all love Max as much as we do, so that allows Daniel and I to rest easy when we are not there knowing he is in good hands. I joke all the time that they are my personal therapists while we go through this difficult journey! I can't even explain how many hours we have spent fleshing out what we are dealing with, sharing stories about life, teaching us about how to deal with a special needs baby along with the loads of laughter that we have shared by Max's bedside. They bring so much encouragement to our lives and I truly feel strengthened just from being around all of them. I am going to miss them like crazy and tell them all the time I am going to come back to visit just so I can have an adult to talk with during the day! Pictured above are Kristie, Lin, and Emilia whom Max and I really enjoy spending time with! Kristie was actually one of Kason's NICU nurses and we have been so glad to reconnect with her again. One of our primary care nurses is Auntie Lin as we call her...
Max knows her so well that he even has better days when she is taking care of him. She exudes with love for him and it warms my heart to see someone else outside of family that adores him the way we all do. We are going to miss our Lin so much, but she has promised to come over for play dates with Max!
You may be wondering why Mr. Max isn't sportin' his nasal canula. The poor guy's nose is really swollen and bleeding on the inside due to the irritation of having a canula on for an extended period of time. Lin put him in an oxygen tent to allow his nose to have some time healing. Of course I couldn't help sneak him out and snap a few pictures of that adorable face. I couldn't stop laughing at him though because he is mesmerized by the lights and wouldn't stop looking at them...he was in a trance!


  1. NICU nurses have to be angels in disguise. That's a job I could never do. I would be crying every day.

    On the upside, Yay! For Max coming home!

  2. What a cutie! I think he looks like Daniel!