Sunday, May 22, 2011

Braggin' Rights...

Kason's first year at Superkids Preschool was just what he needed! I was a little worried at first that it might be too much transition from going to our house to Memaw's house to Superkids throughout the week, but he handled it like a pro! Kason learned so much at school this year and absolutely loved it...we already can't wait for next year to start. He had the best teacher, Mrs. Stacey who I always say should move up with his class since we love her so I'm not bias at all! :) At the end of the year, she gave all her kids an evaluation and below you will see our little smarties results...remember he just turned two...
End of the Year Evaluation...
Given by His Teacher: Mrs. Stacey

Colors: Kason was able to tell the me blue, yellow, green, orange, and brown. As a group he is able to tell me all of them.

Numbers: Kason got to this point and told me "I am done"! Made me laugh! As a group he is able to count to 15.

Alphabet: As a group I have heard Kason sing all the letters.

Shapes: Kason told me triangle, square, oval, heart, star, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, and that an octagon says stop!

Body Parts: Kason is a pro when it comes to showing me different body parts.

*I know I like to brag on the little man because I am soooo proud of him! Even though he was born at 29 weeks, he has no more delays and is so could I not share? Just on Monday, he sang parts of the ABC song with me, counted to 15 with little assistance, and even spelt his name! Gotta love this kid!

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