Saturday, April 16, 2011

What is That?

I know right? Those words ran through my head as I watched them switch Max from the ET tube to the Nova setting on the ventilator. After Max was put back on the ventilator Monday, the doctor decided to try him out on a new ventilator that the hospital is looking at...which in my opinion is really neat. Believe me, I never thought I would get so excited about a ventilator! Basically, the entire time Max has been on the vent, he tries to breathe over it...well this vent allows him to breathe at his own rate and provides assistance only when he needs it. Cool, right? Anyway, Max had the ET tube taken out on Wednesday, and was put on the Nova setting which requires the set up in the funny picture above. The Nova setting works similar to when the tube was in, but it provided even less assistance. Thankfully, he was placed back on the nasal canula yesterday which allows us to see the little cutie's face better...
I am not really sure how to explain how he is doing because he had to go back on steroids again...hence the even chubbier, kissable cheeks! The steroids work wonders on him, but it is a false perception of how well he is doing because after steroids he crashes. The doctor hopes that this round will give him just enough boost so that he won't go back on the vent. He is 6 pounds right now which is awesome, but as I always say...we just need to get those lungs working like the rest of his body!!!
Even though he is a little hot pocket (as in, they have to let him stretch out and cool off at times), he still enjoys being swaddled up all nice and cozy!

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  1. He looks so much like Kason to me!! Kason was already almost just too much cuteness to there's two of them?? Watch out world! :-) Hope Max continues to improve and grow stronger every day and that you are finding the strength and support you need during his NICU journey! I think of you and pray for you all often!