Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leap of Faith...

I have the extraordinary task of being a wife and mother on a full-time status starting...well I guess since the moment Max was born! Daniel and I have decided that it would be best for our family if we took a giant leap by me resigning from teaching. While I am going to miss my kids and the most amazing women that I work with, I am excited to accept my mission of the daily in laundry, wiping dirty noses, cleaning know all that fun stuff! I am delighted and all smiles because a burden has been lifted off my shoulders just knowing that I get to spend my days filled with the simple pleasure of taking care of my guys. Of course I have just thrown that on Daniel's shoulders, so pray for his stress level now and that he doesn't get sick of me being around more often! :) Words can't describe how much fun we are going to continue to have...don't worry though, plenty of pictures will be taken for blackmail later on in life! I keep envisioning mud being tracked into our house from the boys playing outside...which won't matter because I will eventually learn to just hose them off before they can come in! Most likely our big windows in our living room will be shattered from baseballs thrown...who knows on this one, it could really be any of us considering Daniel and I already play catch in the backyard! I've heard rumors about the countless emergency room visits we will attend, bugs suspiciously playing peek-a-boo in pockets, me begging for the boys (Daniel included) to put on something decent that isn't a t-shirt/tennis shoes/baseball hat for the dreaded family picture, shopping at Sam's in order to keep their bottomless tummies remotely full! In all, I can guarantee you that this Clayton Crew home will be full of laughter and adventure on a daily why don't you just stop by and join the fun at anytime! Who knows...I just might even fix you dinner!


  1. You will love being home! The Lord will provide.... you just enjoy it.

  2. I am so excited for you, staying at home is the greatest gift to your entire family. I feel like my worst day at home still beats my best day at work!