Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wow...9 Months Already?

Our little man really is going to be a man in a blink of an eye it seems like! On Wednesday, Kason turned 9 months and had a positive check-up. He is weighing in at almost 20 pounds!!! He is cuter than ever and doesn't allow Daniel or I to ever have a dull moment around him. He smiles constantly, loves to giggle, and talks up a storm. Physically we couldn't ask for him to do any better, but developmentally we are still working on a few things. Although, I am fairly confident that he will be caught up by March...oh my...that will be here before we know it! As previously posted, Kason is beginning to crawl and doing great at it. He can go from sitting into crawling, but as you can see below is still trying to figure out how to go from crawling back to sitting. He kind of looks like he is trying to break dance! Go Kason...Go Kason...Go Kason...

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