Friday, May 8, 2009

Tummy Time with Zoe

If Kason wakes up during the day for a period of time, I try to have "Tummy Time" with him. Of course, Zoe thinks it is also playtime for her along with Kason. Kason loves his tummy so he usually falls asleep after about 10 minutes and Zoe follows suit. She loves taking naps with Kason, but she is careful not to lay too close to him. Zoe likes to sniff him and lay near him like she is watching over him for protection. She may not be so sweet down the road when Kason is chasing after her pulling her by the tail!


  1. I love this picture!! So cute...especially Kason's little bottom sticking up in the air! :-) I'm glad Zoe is getting along so beautifully with the new addition!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Natalie! I hope that your day today is filled with joy, and that you relish in the sweet gift of motherhood. I know that the Lord has given Kason the very best mommy ever. Have a great day!

  3. Natalie and Daniel, saw this blog on Jessica's site. So glad that you guys are home with the little guy. Kason is so blessed to be in such a loving home with great parents. Congratualtions and may you guys have many fun years ahead! P.S. our middle one is Cason, which I'm sure Lantz shared with you.